Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bellapierre Shimmer 9 Stack: Glamorous Glitter

Ok, so I'm actually pretty excited about this. As anyone who knows me will obviously be aware, I love shopping online. This is helped along by websites such as Ozsale that have many awesome brands (Essie, OPI, butter LONDON, Mirenesse, Forever New and many many more) come on sale for very reasonable prices. The catch is you usually have to get so much before the postage (on average $10) makes the savings worth it. For example, there is no point in buying that one Essie nail polish you've been wanting for ages for $6 if with postage you're still paying $15. But I digress. Bellapierre was one of the brands that caught my eye while I was browsing, and in doing so I came across this beauty. 

Its a stack of 9 gorgeous glitters. There were also loose shimmer stacks, but I went for the glitter immediately. Maybe next time if they're on sale again :P

Now for a lot of photos. You have been warned :P Oh, and I'm not sure about the names, they're not on the stack I found them online so I hope they're right :)


Light Pink.




Bling Bling.




All lined up.

And swatches.

L-R Sparkle, Light Pink, Greentastic and Glamour - natural light.

As above. Flash.

L-R Spectra, Bling Bling, Freesia, Turquoise and Ruby.
Sorry only natural light, none of the flash ones turned out well :(

I am really loving these. It could be because I love most things sparkly, but these are very good :) There's plenty of variety, so its good value for money. And they also apply very well. A lot of fallout, but I think that's a given with glitter, but they apply well, and don't go on sparse like you may expect. I definitely look forward to using these a lot :)

I do use the gold in a tutorial coming up soon, so keep your eyes out for that :)

Stay beautiful.
~Xx~ Kate

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