Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chadstone Haul

Ok, so on Saturday my other half and I went on a little trip to Chadstone for some groceries, and obviously we spent hours there wasting time and a bit of money :P Though in my defence, I did have my Club Card voucher to spend ($8 wooo!). And the one product I really wanted, they didn't have, so off to Myer we went to get it :) And then of course, while grocery shopping in Aldi, I got a mascara I had been recommended. So that is my little haul! I do love shopping at Chadstone, its so much of an adventure, the place is enormous! But I'm starting to learn my way around it now.

I hope you enjoy my little haul, and let me know if you have/want any of these and what you think :)

Stay beautiful.
~Xx~ Kate

PS. Oh! And of course we had some Trampoline while we were there. Best ice cream and gelato ever! Personal favourites; lemon, lime and bitters, choc therapy, and after dark. But they're all so good! Let me know your favourites in the comments :)

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