Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Katy Perry Tutorial

Yay my first video is finally up! It took three tries to film it, and so many tries to edit it, but it is on YouTube for you all to see now! :D

This was my day one look for the 21 Challenge, which I did in June to raise money for children living on the streets. My challenge was to create a different makeup look everyday for 21 days, and I took inspiration from famous figures from history, as well as modern times, and also from everyday random things, like flowers and such. So there is a lot to look forward to with the rest of them coming too! :)

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Artdeco Mineral Eyeshadow in Snowflake
Sportsgirl Palette (light brown eyeshadow)
Maybelline Eyestudio in Blackest Black
Avon superSHOCK Mascara
MAC number 4 Lashes
Vani-T Creme Multi Stick in Coral Candy
MAC Sheertone Blush in Pinch O' Peach
Artdeco Lifting Lip Base
Artdeco Lipstick (bright pink)

Let me know what you think of the video, it's my first so I know I can improve :)

I seem to get stuck with awesome thumbnails. Yet I don't know how to change it :(

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.

Stay beautiful.
~Xx~ Kate

PS. I have just figured out how to change the thumbnails :D This one is not what I'd call flattering, but at least it's funny :P

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