Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hello! And welcome :)

Hi Everyone.

I just thought I'd introduce myself, and tell you what this little blog is going to be about. My name's Kate. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and work full time. It's just a desk job, but I enjoy it. But to get through some of the daily grind, I decided to share one of my passions with the world. I chose makeup! So this blog, along with my YouTube channel, is going to be all about beauty and makeup, some fashion, and a little bit of randomness thrown in for good measure.

I'm just happy to share my interest with all of you, and I hope you can have fun and learn some stuff along the way. Stay tuned for my first video coming up (hopefully) very soon!

For more info, my YouTube channel is: or you can follow me on twitter:!/Alatrianna :)

~Xx~ Kate

Ps. New personalised layout coming soon! :D

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