Monday, 26 September 2011

Introduction video is up!

Hi everyone!

My first video is up on YouTube! I'm so excited to start doing some proper videos, this is just my intro. But it's still exciting, it's actually happening. Yay! :D

The thumbnail is really attractive...

Anyways, hopefully my first tutorial will be following soon. I'm doing a series of tutorials on looks I did for the 21 challenge this year. I did a different makeup look everyday for 21 days, based off famous figures from history, as well as more modern figures, and even some random themes. First up is Katy Perry!

Looking forward to doing these, it should be a lot of fun.

~Xx~ Kate

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hello! And welcome :)

Hi Everyone.

I just thought I'd introduce myself, and tell you what this little blog is going to be about. My name's Kate. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and work full time. It's just a desk job, but I enjoy it. But to get through some of the daily grind, I decided to share one of my passions with the world. I chose makeup! So this blog, along with my YouTube channel, is going to be all about beauty and makeup, some fashion, and a little bit of randomness thrown in for good measure.

I'm just happy to share my interest with all of you, and I hope you can have fun and learn some stuff along the way. Stay tuned for my first video coming up (hopefully) very soon!

For more info, my YouTube channel is: or you can follow me on twitter:!/Alatrianna :)

~Xx~ Kate

Ps. New personalised layout coming soon! :D